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About Powerhouse

Who we are

Here at Powerhouse we focus on one thing: Creative, exciting and non-generic power intros for radio stations around the world. Powerhouse is a collective of some of the world’s most sought-after session vocalists who can be heard daily on top radio stations including BBC RADIO 1 and 2, KISS, MAGIC, VIRGIN RADIO and many more.

Top notch quality meets unbeatable rates

Our vocalists write and record the vocal parts, without the unnecessary cost of a producer. We then either deliver dry vocal stems for in-house production or finished & mixed song intros, mixed by our engineers.

Own your station’s music and stand out​

Powerhouse always includes the sung logo ID of your station, as well as the tagline and your station’s name in the style of the song. What does that sound like? Check out our showreels below.

Base packages and monthly service

We offer one-off base packages of 10-40 songs at an additional discount to get the ball rolling faster - and a straightforward, streamlined ongoing service, so you can add 1-5 new branded song intros per month. Get in touch below to receive our current rates and package deals.

Next level branding for most radio formats​

Our unique power intros are currently available in 8 languages for the formats Contemporary (AC & Hot AC), Classic Rock, Classic Hits, Country and Christian. Why all of these start with a “C” we do not know, but we’d be happy to discuss this over Coffee. Contact us here:

Check out the sound









Our sound is global

REcorded in london, LA, Ibiza & Hamburg – Loved around the globe